What you need is MOM (Mind Over Money)

Mastering MOM (Mind over Money)

When trading forex it’s your mind who makes the money. It’s not the market that gives you money. The market does what it does. So you need to be aware of your mind as much as possible at all times. MOM (Mind over Money) means that you don’t chase the money, but let your mind…

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Audio Tutorial on Trading Greed

Turning Around Trading Greed

Wherever there is greed, there is a silent danger. Markets show no mercy to whoever has a problem with trading greed. It all comes down to not wanting more than you need or you can realistically target, but that means you need to overcome some psychology. Trading Greed Greed makes you act irresponsibly and against any…

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Audio Tutorial on Trading Time

Finding Your Trading Time

It’s the problem we all face at trading: how to manage your trading time. You’re so overwhelmed with market movements and news events that you always wonder if you’re really taking the best trades and to the best of your abilities. And often, you’re not. Let’s see if there’s an answer to how to make sure you’re getting…

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Audio Tutorial on Trading Confidence and Trust

Improving Trading Confidence

You probably wonder all the time how to have more trading confidence and trust in your abilities. “Be confident!” is probably what you get all the time from everyone when you’re asking for advice. Want to know how to be more confident? There’s an easy answer: Don’t. Yeah, it’s a trick question. Trading confidence and trust Everyone constantly makes…

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Audio Tutorial on Trading Goals

Trading Goals Explained

Have you ever wondered why you don’t progress in your trading or life in general? Did you ever look at the goals you set for yourself? At the trading goals you set? Do you even set goals? Trading goals So if you don’t set trading goals for yourself, start straight away. ‘Knowing what you want’…

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