Elite Community

"The Forex Watchers' Elite Community is my personal hangout spot. This is where I post the trades I take. The people are extremely friendly and the support is incredible! Worth $10,000 per year at least, but I made it a lot more affordable."

- Navin Prithyani


Darien Lane

"The staff is super helpful and all the other students are very nice as well. My trading has improved but I still have some confusing moments. The more I listen to videos in the 4CB and Elite Community, it starts to become more clear. Thanks again for all the help and keeping in touch with me."

John Karras

"Absolutely loving the elite community have learnt so much in the 2 weeks being there . The traders are great and very helpful answering any questions we may have."

Mark Mckenzie

"I am really enjoying the Elite Community,..Have learnt a great deal through the conference rooms as well, I think I might be addicted now. All the traders are really friendly and have welcomed me as another member of the Urban Forex Family."


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